CPAP Mask Types

This field of sleep disorders and treatment can be overwhelming. It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge and resources to make it simple.

Finding the proper CPAP mask for treating your Sleep Disordered Breathing diagnosis can be compared with dating. There a quite a few masks out there and you may need to “date” several masks to find out what works for you. I have several masks that I have reviewed in an effort to help you not have so many blind dates.

Just like with dating, it is true that there are plenty of fish in the sea. However, many of those potential mates belong in their mother’s basement ,chained to the pipes, surrounded by pictures of whatever celebrity they have decided to stalk.

The same thing can be said of potential CPAP masks. There are plenty of absolute losers out there. It is my goal to help define what your needs are and educate you so that you can make a better decision about the style and brand of CPAP mask that you would like to use.

My opinions are based to my interactions with patients in several different settings. I have experience with home CPAP set-ups, night time sleep studies, home diagnostic tests, and in lab mask fittings. I have a very good idea of what works and what doesn’t from the viewpoint of a health care provider and the patients who use these products….YOU!!!

View the video below and browse the CPAP Mask Types that are under it.

Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Reviews

Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks are designed to be very low profile and do not cover up your nose to make a seal for CPAP. Instead what these do is insert into your nares (fancy word for nose…which is shorter and easier to say) to create the seal needed for CPAP.

These wonderful little masks are used on people who, when shown a nasal or full face mask, throw their hands in the air and run in circles before falling to the ground in a quivering mass.

This style is highly successful on some people, but in my opinion causes more problems than they solve. I love them because they do get people to wear CPAP who otherwise may not.


-Decrease anxiety and claustrophobia in some patients
-Easy to get on and off (sometimes a negative)
-Easy to fit


-Can mouth-leak
-Direct air increases bloody noses
-Easy to dislodge during sleep
Below the mask image gallery are links to the masks with videos and more information to help you make the best decision. Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Reviews are below.

Nasal CPAP Mask Reviews

Nasal CPAP masks are considered the “standard” design for CPAP masks. They cover only the nose when put on properly. Typically this is the first style of mask that is attempted on new patients with sleep disordered breathing. Below are several reviews of Nasal CPAP Masks. There are many of these designs available so I limit my reviews to major manufacturer designs. My personal favorite mask had been the ResMed Mirage Vista. It is a very well thought out and well designed mask. A mask that has recently improved on the design is the Swift FX Nano. So my long time love “Vista” has been shunned for another mask….the Swift FX Nano.

Heated humidification is recommended for all nasal CPAP masks to prevent mouth-leaking. Keep in mind that heated humidifiers simply make the air you’re breathing moist so that your nasal mucosa (sinus lining) doesn’t become dry and inflamed, thus blocking the nasal passage.

-Easy to fit
-More difficult to dislodge while sleeping
-Wide selection available


-Possibility of mouth-leaking (dry mouth?)
-Sometimes too many to choose from.

Full Face CPAP Mask Reviews

Full Face CPAP Masks are quickly becoming the “go to” mask for new CPAP users. The reason is that they eliminate mouth-leaking as reason for awakenings. The problem is that they are more difficult to fit for the average person.

A mask fitting with an experienced RPSGT is recommended to ensure a proper fit. A problem with these masks is that because they cover both the nose and the mouth, the mask is touching more surface area of your face making it more difficult to fit everyone easily. Beards and stubble also become a problem because they increase mask leaking.

Overall these can be a great option for many CPAP users.


-Can breathe through your mouth
-Nasal Congestion doesn’t stop you from wearing CPAP.
-Perform well at higher pressures (14cmH20 and above)
-Many good options.


-More difficult to fit
-Can make some people feel claustrophobic

Look at the masks below. If you see something you’re interested in you can view a page specific to the mask along with a video by clicking on the links below the image gallery. See our Full Face CPAP Mask Reviews below.

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