AXG Testing Benefits

If you find yourself needing to have a sleep study, then you want your sleep study to be as close to your “normal” sleep as possible.  Having normal sleep in a sleep lab just doesn’t happen.

Though in lab sleep studies have their strengths, there are weaknesses as well which should be considered:

  • Lab noise from other patients and technicians that wake you or keep you from falling asleep and staying asleep.
  • Unfamiliar and uncomfortable bed, pillow, and sheets.
  • Shared restroom with other patients.
  • Unfamiliar climate control: too hot/too cold.
  • Technicians coming in your room while you’re asleep.
  • Technicians watching you and recording video of you while you’re asleep.
  • Travel to the sleep lab.
  • Huge change from your normal nighttime routine (asked to fall asleep earlier than normal/time to assimilate to new environment)
  • Woken up much earlier than you want.
  • Sometimes diagnosed with a sleep disordered breathing based on only a few hours of sleep.

This makes having a home sleep test much more attractive, but these have their weakness too:

  • No EEG, so you are diagnosed for sleep disorders without knowing whether or not you’re even asleep!
  • The data is “auto-scored.”  This results in false positives, which results in people being treated (with CPAP/oral appliance/surgery) for a sleep disorder that they don’t have.
  • Only measure breathing, blood oxygen levels, and pulse.  No other sleep disorders are screened!
  • Poor instructions on attaching electrodes and sensors result in repeat studies.

Why use AXG Sleep Diagnostics Home Sleep Study?

We take the best qualities of home sleep tests and in lab studies to offer the most convenient and accurate sleep study available. 

  • AXG Sleep Study measures the exact same signals as a study in a sleep lab:  EEG, Chin, Legs, ECG, Pulse, SpO2, and Respiratory.
  • AXG Sleep Study delivers the testing equipment to you.
  • You are tested in your normal sleeping environment.  Your own bed, pillow, climate control, and restroom.
  • Quick electrode and sensor attachment process (10-15 minutes) with easy to follow instructions and phone support if needed.
  • Go to bed and wake up at your normal times.
  • Testing equipment gently alerts you if a signal needs to be fixed.
  • Provide insurance forms so you can seek reimbursement from your insurance. (check with your insurance if you plan on seeking reimbursement)
  • Manually scored by an RPSGT and interpreted by a Board Certified Sleep Disorders Specialist providing comprehensive sleep reporting.
  • You get the results much faster than an in lab study.
  • Much less expensive than an in lab study, especially if you have a high deductible plan or are self insured/self pay.

How about the quality of AXG Sleep Diagnostics compared to an in lab study?  Can you see the difference below?  (Images are clickable)

The reasons to use AXG Sleep Diagnostics Services for testing your sleep come down to Convenience, Quality, and Cost.


We cost the same for everyone and we’re upfront about our prices.

The typical in lab sleep study cost depends on your insurance.  If you have a high deductible plan, you’re going to pay at least 20% of the total cost.  Sleep labs usually charge $5000-6000 for a sleep study.  This will be at least $1000 if your deductible has been met and you have a 20% copay.

IF your deductible hasn’t been met, then you’re going to be paying the entire amount. Sometimes you can negotiate different rates with the sleep lab, but don’t expect to pay less than $1500 dollars.

After the in lab sleep study, you’ll have a physician interpret the report.  That usually costs another $300 for a total of $1800.

Our rates are the same for all, so you’ll have to calculate your exact savings using your remaining deductible, co-pay percentage, and in lab sleep study cost.  Then compare with an AXG Sleep Diagnostics Study.


It’s best to contact your insurance company and find out exactly how much money will be coming out of your pocket for an in lab sleep study.

With AXG Sleep Diagnostics you pay a set amount for your comprehensive home sleep study.  The Interpretation by our Sleep Specialist is included in the price.

How can we offer this service for so low?  We’ve identified waste, eliminated it, and passed the savings on you you.  We can do this because we don’t deal with insurance companies.  We deal with you and your doctor.  You can even seek reimbursement for the AXG Sleep Diagnostics Study from your insurance company.  It’s a simple form for you to fill out and well worth the hundreds to thousands of dollars that you can save.


In Lab Sleep Study

Real AXG Sleep Study Real AXG Sleep Study


We measure the exact same parameters that a sleep lab would measure.  The testing is done in your own home where you normally sleep.  Do you really want your sleep evaluated under abnormal conditions?  The conditions are going to be somewhat abnormal just because you don’t normally wear testing equipment, but sleeping in your own bed, with your own climate control, and without traveling to a lab makes for the most normal night possible.

We are also the best in the business.  Your study will be scored by a licensed and registered polysomnographic technologist (RPSGT) who has a decade of scoring experience and top Inner Scorer Reliability scores.

Your study will be interpreted by a Stanford trained Sleep Specialist with 30+ years of experience.  He’s pretty much a genius and a nice guy!

Having your sleep tested where you normally sleep using the best technology available just makes sense.   Your results are going to be that much more accurate which will likely prevent you from having unnecessary or inappropriate treatment.



We ship our equipment directly to you.  No traveling to a sleep lab.  The next morning you pack up the equipment and send it back to us using the included shipping label.

If you are close enough to us, then we will attach the electrodes to you in our office.  We can even arrange to have them attached at your home for the most convenient sleep testing experience possible.

Still have questions about how AXG Sleep Diagnostics can help you?  Don’t hesitate to call.  (916) 996-0131, pub-0015351043763816, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0