PAP Therapy Data Analysis


PAP Therapy Data Interpretation.

Fast(ish) service.

Available by appointment only.  Email with questions.


PAP Therapy Data Analysis.

Available by appointment only. You are required to have OSCAR downloaded. This is a free and very helpful program available at  We will send you a Zoom invite at the agreed upon time and ask for permission to take remote control of your shared screen (OSCAR data).  Email or call with any questions.

So far we have had excellent success improving PAP therapy sleep as well as educating people about how to manage their PAP therapy treatment.

Save yourself a trip to the DME and the high cost associated with it.  We provide effective proven results with our analysis of your sleep data.  We can identify potential problems with your CPAP, Bilevel, or ASV therapy and provide personalized recommendations of how to optimize your therapy.

PAP therapy compliance is much lower than it should be.  Too often there are people who are put on an inappropriate pressure or have a minor problem and undermines your PAP therapy.  The risks are far too great if you have untreated sleep apnea to ignore this.

We will analyze one weeks worth of your data and provide you with a written recommendations that you can take to discuss with your physician.  We are only able to provide this service to people who are using specific data capable ResMed and Philips Respironics PAP therapy machines.  These include but aren’t limited to:  S9 Autoset, Dreamstation, System One, AirSense 10, and AirCurve 10.

Avoid the DME who will try to get you in an out of there as fast as possible and for a much greater cost.

Words of warning:  We lack professionalism and will speak with you as if you are a friend. I want this to be a comfortable experience and not a “clinical” feeling interaction.

Our goal is to optimize your CPAP, Bilevel, and ASV therapy with our PAP Therapy Data Analysis.

*again…..we do require the ability to control your mouse/keyboard for the data analysis service.


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