Welcome to AXG Sleep Diagnostics. We have revolutionized the way you are tested for sleep apnea.


No more visiting a crowded, noisy, and unfamiliar sleep lab only to sleep in an unfamiliar bed resulting in an inaccurate diagnosis.  No more wasting time and money with a home sleep test that only measures breathing and blood oxygen levels.  This data is then rendered even more inaccurate by letting the computer interpret the data.  Isn’t it time for a convenient, affordable, and accurate sleep test in the comfort of your own home?

AXG Sleep Diagnostics gives you the accurate diagnosis of an in lab sleep study that you deserve in the comfort of your own home.  Like an in lab study, our tests measure: Sleep Stages (EEG and EOG), EMG (Chin and Leg), EKG (Heart rhythm and Rate), Airflow (Breathing and Snoring), and SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Levels).

Our Licensed and Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (RPSGT’s) then manually score the data.   Once our technologists are complete, our Sleep Specialist/Medical Director reviews the data and interprets the results.

An accurate, high quality, and affordable sleep study in the comfort of your own home.  It really is that simple.